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Aphricae tabula IIII

Relief shown pictorially. Text within border on verso: Quarta Aphricae tabula. From "Ptolemy's Geographia edited by Sebastian Münster (Basle, 1540, 1545, 1550, 1552). Woodcut, with place names printed from metal type." "Mountains are overlapping cones, shaded on the west." - Skelton. Decorative printed maps. p. 40. see pl. 5 at end. Historic Maps copies lack numbers in top corners, as described by Norwich. The 1552 copy has been positively matched to the copy in a 1552 edition; the other one (1550) has been dated by the process of elimination--it does not match the points of the 1540, 1545, or 1552 editions.
[Basle : Sebastian Münster, 1552]
Africa, North
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