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Partie de l’Ame´rique septentrionale, qui comprend le cours de l’Ohio, la Nlle. Angleterre, la Nlle York, le New Jersey, la Pensylvanie, le Maryland, la Virginie, la Caroline (Copy 1)

Relief shown pictorially. "Avec privilège 1755." Title on verso: "Cours de l'Ohyo." Covers the area from the Great Lakes to South Carolina and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River. Shows provinces, counties, towns and cities, riviers, Indian villages and tribal territory, forts, numerous place-names, and relief. Appears in the author's Atlas universal. 1757 [i.e. 1758]. Includes "Supplément pour la Caroline." Historic Maps copies 2 and 4 lack title on verso.
[Paris? 1755]
United States, Ohio River, and Middle Atlantic States
East (U.S.)—Maps—Early works to 1800, Middle Atlantic States—Maps—Early works to 1800, New England—Maps—Early works to 1800, and Ohio River Valley—Maps—Early works to 1800
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