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Preliminary sketch showing the soundings off the sea coast of Delaware and Maryland

Depths shown by soundings and shading. "The soundings are expressed in fathoms except on the shaded shoals where they are expressed in feet to 18 ft. and shew the depth at mean low water." Historic Maps copy 1 has extensive ms. annotations, including note: "Note. This impression (or one like it) without Lt. Bache's soundings north of Indian Inlet was sent me in the autumn to verify & give sailing directions &c &c and, perhaps, more soundings. This sheet has false meridians. They are laid down 2 1/3 minutues too far east, which puts the land [?] much too far west." Historic Maps copy 1 has ms. annotations; note in pen in upper margin: Recd. at office 22nd. 3. PM from Lt. Lee.
[Washington, D.C. : United States Coast Survey], 1850.
Delaware and Maryland
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