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Aphricae tabula II

Relief shown pictorially. Text within border on verso: Secunda Aphricae tabula. From "Ptolemy's Geographia edited by Sebastian Münster (Basle, 1540, 1545, 1550, 1552). Woodcut, with place names printed from metal type. The Ptolemaic map (Secunda Tabula Africae) with a lively picture of St. Paul's shipwreck added." "Mountains are overlapping cones, shaded on the west." - Skelton. Decorative printed maps. p. 40. see pl. 5 at end. Historic Maps copy lacks numbers in top corners, as described by Norwich.
[Basle : Sebastian Münster, 1540]
Paul, the Apostle, Saint—Travel—Mediterranean Region—Maps and Africa, North—Maps
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