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Alaska Geologic Formations, 1997

Alaska Geologic Formations is a polygon theme representing geologic formations throughout Alaska. This dataset consists of a polygon coverage and associated attribute data derived from the 1980 Geologic Map of Alaska compiled by H.M. Beikman and published by the US Geological Survey. The map is a regional summary of geologic formations and units that can be shown cartographically at 1:2,500,000. This digital dataset includes all (184) map units from the original map. 182 are geologic units; the others are polygons for large glaciers and lakes. This coverage is not intended to be a complete representation of the printed geologic map. It does NOT include the following features: faults, locations of volcanoes or volcanic vents, the map explanation, correlation charts or description of map units.
U.S. Geological Survey
1980 and 1997
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