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The Port of New York, N.Y. and N.J., 1978

This is a scanned version of the 1978 series of paper maps and aerial photographs accompanying The Port of New York, N.Y. and N.J., volume 5 of the Port Series from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This series consists of 17 sheets, the online linkage file contains the image of the title sheet and a polygon layer that serves an index for the other 16 sheets. To download the map sheets using this index in ArcMap, add the layer, open the layer properties dialog, select the display tab, and check the "support hyperlinks using field" box while selecting the URL field in the dropdown menu. Then use the hyperlinks tool to select the polygon representing the desired tile. The map was scanned at 300 dots per inch and is in the TIFF format.
Dept. of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors
Port series
New Jersey and New York (N.Y.)
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