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Benthic Structures, 2007-2008

This raster dataset shows the locations of benthic structures (oil rigs) in the world's oceans. Structures included are gas and communication pipelines and oil extraction rigs. Benthic structures built in the ocean leave a footprint of destroyed habitat where they are built. See the Lineage section for complete information regarding data sources and processes. This dataset is part of the Global Map of Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems, a collection of data and analyses related to anthropogenic drivers of change in marine ecosystems.The goal of this research is to estimate and visualize the global impact that humans are having on the oceans' ecosystems.
Earth and Earth (Planet)
Drilling platforms, Underwater pipelines, Environmental impact analysis, Oceans, Utilities and Communication, Imagery and Base Maps, and Structure
2007 and 2008
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