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EPA Regulated Facilities: Russian River Basin, California, 1997

This shapefile contains point locations of facilities within the Russian River Watershed region of California, which are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The source of these regulated facilities data is the U.S. Envirofacts ESDLS database of EPA-regulated facilities, specifically the LDIP_EF_COVERAGE_SRC table. The LDIP_EF_COVERAGE_SRC is located within the Locational Reference Tables (LRT) contained in the Envirofacts (EF) Oracle Database. Facility data from various EPA program system tables are loaded into the LDIP_EF_COVERAGE_SRC table. Only coordinate pairs with the highest accuracy values will represent each facility.The Envirofacts point coverage contains data from the following EPA program systems:AFS - Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS) Facility SubsystemPCS - Permit Compliance SystemTRIS - Toxic Release Inventory SystemCERCLIS - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information SystemRCRIS - Resource Conservation and Recovery Information SystemThe Envirofacts point coverage provides Geographic Information System (GIS) applications with a valuable data layer for base mapping of facilities regulated by EPA. Facility locations are used in numerous types of analysis, e.g., proximity of populations to one or more facilities. Currently, EPA's Gateway/GIS subsystem, Ecological Sensitivity Targeting and Assessment Tool (ESTAT), and various EPA public-use web-based GIS applications utilize this data set.
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Mendocino County (Calif.), Sonoma County (Calif.), and Russian River Watershed (Calif.)
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