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Aqueducts and Canals, Serbia, 2013

This line shapefile represents aqueducts and canals in Serbia. Boundaries of administrative units are collected from different sources (cadastral maps, basic state map and topographic maps of various scales). Positional accuracy has value between 1m to 300m based on source for data collecting. Global Map Serbia version 2.1 Drainage, Population center and Transportation layers were created using the Topographic map 1:300 000. Updating the data using The vector national database (scale 1:1 000 000) and orthophoto images. Digital Terrain Model with 30m grid is produced using terrain elevation data obtained under "Production of digital orthophoto maps for the Republic of Serbia". In order to satisfied Global Map Specification data resampling is done to 1km resolution. Global Map Serbia version 2.0 Land Cover was created using the vector data from European Environment Agency (EEA) - The data were collected and processed using remote sensing satellite images.Global Map data were developed under the cooperation of National Geospatial Information Authorities (NGIAs) of respective countries and regions.
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Aqueducts and Transportation
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