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Islands and Rocks: California Coastal National Monument, 1998

This polygon shapefile represents offshore rocks and islands that are part of the newly designated California Coastal National Monument (CCNM), under USDI Bureau of Land Management (BLM) jurisdiction. The ownpax data of the surface ownership layer is intended to illustrate state wide and regional land ownership. Large land holders are emphasized in detail and they are Federal, State, and local governments. Private land owners are, for the most part, simply carried as private, generalizing this group as one. BLM obtained the spatial data (linework) from the California State Lands Commission, who had digitized the California coastline from USGS 1:24,000-scale quads. BLM then added geographic place names and ownership codes. The Department of Fish and Game obtained the data from BLM and modified the attribute table to include Owner names. The resulting shapefile was renamed as above. Original documentation from contributing agencies is appended below. This layer is part of a collection of data created by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.This layer may be used for illustration and mapping, analyzing public lands distribution, and conducting inventories over public lands.
California. Department of Fish and Game. Marine Resources Region
Coasts, Islands, Rocks, Environment, Geoscientific Information, and Boundaries
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