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Average Water Consumption by Livestock and Wildlife by Subdrainage Area, Kenya, 1994-1996

This polygon shapefile represents the average water consumption of livestock and wildlife by sub-basin in Kenya for 1994-96. The greatest water demand from livestock occurs in the surveyed subdrainages of the Lake Victoria drainage area near Tanzania. Wildlife demand for water is also high in this area, mostly because of the number of animals within and close to a large protected area (Masai Mara). The subdrainages north of Mount Kenya (Ewaso Ngiro North drainage) also have significant water demand because of the high number of wildlife species.This data was used in Map 3.13 in Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being.
World Resources Institute
Water consumption, Livestock, Wildlife, Inland Waters, and Environment
1994 and 1996
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