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Wind: Monthly and Annual Average Wind GIS Data at One-Degree Resolution of the World from NASA/SSE (1983-1993)

This polygon shapefile contains data for wind speed at 50 m above the surface of the Earth (m/s) These data are 10-year monthly and annual averages ranging from July 1983 to June 1993. The source data was downloaded from the Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) website as text files. The tabular data was then converted to the shapefile format. This is the 5th release of these data.These data provide investors and other stakeholders with reliable, verifiable and accessible information on the solar resource potential for the data domain.
NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
Earth and Earth (Planet)
Wind power, Climatology, Meteorology and Atmosphere, and Utilities and Communication
1983 and 1993
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