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Channel Classification: Albion River Watershed, California, 1984-2002

This line shapefile depicts channel classifications, including Rosgen classes and other descriptors of stream channel and valley characteristics, within the Albion River watershed in Mendocino County, California. These data were mapped at 1:24.000 scale.This mapping began as part of the North Coast Watershed Assessment Program (NCWAP) which was de-funded by the Legislature in June 2003, the work was subsequently completed in late 2003 and early 2004. The California Geological Survey (CGS) evaluated the geology, fluvial geomorphic characteristics, relative slope stability and geomorphic characteristics within the watershed, and compiled the digital geospatial data described in this document. This mapping and compilation is geared toward providing baseline geologic and geomorphic data to aid in responsible land management, as well as the development of watershed restoration projects, watershed management strategies, and watershed plans.
California Geological Survey
California, Northern, Mendocino County (Calif.), and Albion River Watershed (Calif.)
River channels, Streams, and Inland Waters
1984 and 2002
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