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Urban Unsatisfied Basic Needs (NBI) Per Municipality, Colombia, 2010

This polygon dataset presents the percentage of urban households and persons in conditions of poverty or misery according to unsatisfied basic needs index per municipality for 2010. The indicators evaluated are inadequate urban housing, housing with critical overcrowding, housing with inadequate services, households with high levels of economic dependence, and households with school-age children not enrolled in school. Data to generate this index is from 2010. The index ranges from 4.45% (being the best performance) to 100% (being the worst performance) and serves as a proxy measure to evaluate income-poverty. No data is available for the following Municipalities or Non-municipalized areas (dane unique identifier code in parenthesis): Mapiripan (50325), and all Non-municipalized areas (since they do not have any areas qualified as urban).
Instituto Geografico "Agustin Codazzi"
Colombia, South America, Northern Hemisphere, and Southern Hemisphere
polygon, society , health , economy, Poverty., Basic needs., Quality of life. , Social indicators., Well-being., Economic indicators., households, and Socioeconomic status
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