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Boundaries of Forest Titles, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1987-2013

This polygon dataset represents the boundaries of forest titles of the Democratic Republic of Congo, recorded up until 2013. These securities are dedicated to the exploitation of timber and used to create concession contracts. The original map data was produced by the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism (MECNT) with support from the World Resources Institute (WRI) . These have been used by the Project WRI / CARPE to produce the Interactive Forest Atlas of the Democratic Republic of Congo: 1.0. These data come from the forest title conversion project with validation limits by logging companies.
World Resources Institute
Eastern Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Africa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, République Démocratique du Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bassin du Congo, Congo Basin, Afrique Centrale, and Central Africa
polygon, biota, environment, boundaries, Forests and forestry, Logging, Forest conservation, Exploitation forestière, Concession, Environnement, Environment, Foresterie, Forestry, Aménagement durable, Sustainable development, and Coupe forestière
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