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Protected Areas, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2009

This polygon dataset represents the boundaries of protected areas network in the Democratic Republic of Congo, classified national parks, biosphere reserves, nature reserves, game reserves, game reserves, and scientific reserve up till 2009. The original map data was produced by the Observatory of Central African Forests (OFAC) as part of the project and some FORAF Congolese Institute's partners for the observation of Nature (ICCN). These data come from satellite imagery as well as official documents and used by the Project WRI/CARPE to produce the Interactive Forest Atlas of the Democratic Republic of Congo: 1.0. However, protected areas that are included here do not present the complete and final situation in the DRC. Here it is taken only the protected areas of which there are both the GIS area and the administrative area supported by an official text or an official reference.
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Northern Hemisphere, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, Africa, and Congo, Democratic Republic of
polygon, boundaries, environment, society, Boundaries, Protected areas, Biosphere reserves , Game reserves, Natural areas, and Scientific results
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