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Proposed Annexation of Ariel Option 1 Line Israel and Palestine 1993-2001

This line dataset represents Peace Now's interpretation of one of a number of potential land swaps discussed by American and Israeli civil servants during the Clinton Administration from 1993 to 2001. The proposed land swaps were intended to help resolve the territorial dispute between Israel and Palestine via a two-state agreement. These specific lines border the lands within the Israeli settlement of Ariel that would be annexed by Israel (according to one proposed scenario) along with other West Bank lands in return for separate Israeli land concessions to Palestine. Ariel is a highly contentious Israeli settlement in the West Bank near Jerusalem that, if annexed to Israel, threatens to divide the occupied Palestinian territories interrupting easy travel between two major Palestinian localities, Ramallah and Hebron.
Shalom akhshav (Organization : Israel)
Israel, West Bank, Asia, Northern Hemisphere, East Hemisphere, and Palestine
line, boundaries, society, planningCadastre, Arab-Israeli conflict., and Israel--Boundaries.
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