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Geneva Proposed Permanent Borders Polygon Israel and Palestine 2003

This polygon dataset represents Palestinian and Israeli land areas according to the Geneva Initiative's proposed border line for a two-state solution as well as the de facto division between the lands: the Green Line. According to the Geneva Accord, composed in 2003, Israel's extended borders will include Jewish settlements beyond the Green Line and territories with significance for security. In return to the annexation of land beyond the 1967 border, Israel will hand over alternative land to the Palestinians, based on a 1:1 ratio.
Shalom akhshav (Organization : Israel)
Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Asia, Northern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere, and Palestine
polygon, boundaries, society, planningCadastre, Administrative and political divisions, Arab-Israeli conflict., Israel--Boundaries--Gaza Strip., Israel--Boundaries., and Arab-Israeli conflict--1993---Peace
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