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This point dataset represents hazardous material sites in Massachusetts. This point dataset is derived from Oil or Hazardous Materials Sites with Activity and Use Limitation (AUL) datalayer maintained by the Mass. Department of Environment Protection. The is a statewide point dataset containing the approximate location of oil or hazardous material release/disposal sites where an AUL has been filed. The sites mapped in this datalayer represent only a subset of the total reported release sites tracked by MassDEP BWSC. An AUL provides notice of the presence of oil and/or hazardous material contamination remaining at the location after a cleanup has been conducted pursuant to Chapter 21E and the MCP. The AUL is a legal document that identifies activities and uses of the property that may and may not occur, as well as the property owner's obligation and maintenance conditions that must be followed to ensure the safe use of the property. The complete AUL is filed at the County Registry of Deeds office for the respective City/Town. In addition, a copy of the AUL is available in MassDEP BWSC site files and in City/Town Offices where the AUL is located. Location types featured in this datalayer include the approximate center of an AUL site, the center of a building on the property where the release occurred, the approximate center of the lot, and source of contamination.
MassGIS (Office : Mass.)
Massachusetts, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and North America
point, environment, Petroleum, Hazardous substances, and Public safety
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