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Potential Land Use Mexico 2011

This polygon dataset shows potential land uses in Mexico determined from Landsat TM% satelite data from 2011. The purpose of this data is to determine the possible use of land for agriculture, fishing, forests, urban development, conservation, and to evaluate the land conditions.
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (Mexico)
Mexico, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and North America
polygon, environment, farming, Land use, Exclosures, Land capability for agriculture, Land use, Rural, Open spaces, Public lands, Real estate business, Real estate development, Reclamation of land, School lands, Waste lands, Land cover, Landscape assessment, Landscape protection, Forest landscape management, Karst conservation, Upland conservation, Environmentally sensitive areas, Conservation of natural resources, Water districts, Soil conservation districts, Natural areas, Forest reserves, and Natural resources conservation areas
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