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State Boundaries Mexico 2013

This polygon dataset shows Mexico's state boundaries. This dataset is part of the most current version of INEGI's "Marco Geostatistico Nacional," or National Geostatistical Framework, Mexico's system for census mapping that was first implemented in 1978. The system divides the country into geostatistical areas with identifiable boundaries. These geostatistical areas have three levels of disaggregation: State (AGEE), Municipal (AGEM) and Basic (AGEB), which may be designated as urban or rural. State Boundaries Mexico 2013 is at the AGEE level. The Geostatistical Framework information is an aid in the distinction between states and municipalities, especially in places where political administrative boundaries are undefined.
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (Mexico)
Mexico, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and North America
polygon, boundaries, society, Administrative and political divisions, and States
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