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Land Use Nairobi 2003

This polygon dataset represents land use in Nairobi. The land use dataset was created by manually digitizing a map which was prepared jointly by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Government of the Republic of Kenya under the Japanese Government Technical Cooperation Program. The landuse dataset was developed for use in a transportation model. Not all Landuses could be identified from the Landuse map - so there are many places where the landuse is marked as unknown. However this dataset represents a rough estimate of the landuse in Nairobi and will prove useful for the transportation model. This Landuse dataset was created to provide a base landuse file for the City of Nairobi. The scale at which it is digiitzed makes it more accurate for boarder analysis. It does not represent a parcel by parcel information tag for everything in the city.
Columbia University. Spatial Information Design Lab
Nairobi, Kenya, Republic of Kenya, Southern hemisphere, Eastern hemisphere, and Africa
polygon, boundaries, environment, Land use, and Buildings
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