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Coastline New Jersey 2002

This line dataset represents the coastline of New Jersey. Coastline of New Jersey was extracted from NJDEP's Rivers, Bays and Oceans data layer (shortname = njarea). The majority of descriptive information contained within this metadata record relates to the original source layer Rivers, Bays and Oceans. The NJAREA source file contains generic water body information which was transferred from several sources to polygons extracted from the 2002 Land Use/Land Cover data sets. Photo Interpretation of the 2002 color infrared (CIR) imagery and digitizing of the 2002 Land Use/Land Cover data was done by Aerial Information Systems, Inc., Redlands, CA, under direction of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Bureau of Geographic Information System (BGIS). The data was created by extracting water polygons which represented Rivers, Bays and Oceans from the 2002 land use/land cover (LU/LC) layer from NJ DEP's geographical information systems (GIS) database. The classification system used was a modified Anderson et al., 2002 classification system. Minimum mapping unit (MMU) is 1 acre; however, the data does contains ponds well below the MMU.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey, North America, Northern Hemisphere, and Western Hemisphere
line, boundaries, oceans, and Coastal mapping
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