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Community Center Areas New Hampshire 2006

This polygon dataset shows the center area(s) of each municipality in New Hampshire. Community center areas were delineated by staff at the nine Regional Planning Agencies based on a common methodology, with input and review from staff at the NH Department of Environmental Services. The approach for delineating these areas focused on key characteristics of the nature of development including the presence of a higher-density development and/or a mix of different types of uses, such as residential, commercial and public uses, core main streets areas and historic districts, higher-density neighborhoods within walking distance, appropriate zoning to retain its current characteristics, and recognition by the community as its center. Municipalities can have multiple center areas, provided they each meet the criteria described. Boundary lines generally follow the limits of current development (rather than parcel or property lines) and may follow significant manmade or natural features that serve as a boundary, such as a major roadway or river.
New Hampshire, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemishpere, and North America
polygon, planningCadastre, boundaries, society, Communities, Central places. , Planning., Central planning. , and Cities and towns--Growth.
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