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Key Destination Areas New Hampshire 2006

This polygon dataset shows significant retail areas containing numerous potential destinations in New Hampshire. The data was developed by the nine Regional Planning Agencies based on a common methodology, with input and review from staff at the NH Department of Environmental Services. Certain types of destinations were identified for all communities; these included: Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Higher Education Facilities, Municipal Offices, Libraries (public and private), Community Facilities, Grocery Stores, Athletic/Recreation Facilities, Post Offices, Retail/Shopping Areas, Public Transportation Access Point, and Hospitals. Additional destinations were identified when significant to a community; these could include such places as Smaller Markets, Places of Worship, Restaurant, Funeral Homes, Performing Art Centers, Trail Access Points, Town Greens, and Large-scale Event Facilities. Destinations are identified separately by type. Descriptions and additional information is provided for some data.
New Hampshire, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and North America
polygon, planningCadastre, structure, economy, society, Planning, Suburbs, Regional planning. , Communities, Retail trade. , Central business districts, Cities and towns., and Cities and towns--Growth.
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