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Places of Worship New Hampshire 2007-2009

This point dataset represents places of worship in New Hampshire. The Places of Worship dataset is composed of any type of building or portion of a building that is used, constructed, designed, or adapted to be used as a place for religious and spiritual activities. These facilities include, but are not limited to, the following types: chapels, churches, mosques, shrines, synagogues, and temples. The license free Large Protestant Churches, Mosques, Jewish Synagogues, and Roman Catholic Churches in Large Cities datasets were merged together to create the initial data for the Places of Worship dataset. Additional entities have been added from TGS research. This dataset contains Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Judaic, and Sikh places of worship. Unitarian places of worship have been included when a congregation from one of these religions meets at a church owned by a Unitarian congregation. Some Protestant denominations are not currently represented in this dataset. The Places of Worship dataset is not intended to include homes of religious leaders (unless they also serve as a place of organized worship), religious schools (unless they also serve as a place of organized worship for people other than those enrolled in the school), Jewish Mikvahs or Hillel facilities, and buildings that serve a purely administrative purpose. If a building's primary purpose is something other than worship (e.g., a community center, a public school), but a religious group uses the building for worship on a regular basis, it was included in this dataset if it otherwise met the criteria for inclusion. Convents and monasteries are included in this dataset, regardless of whether or not the facilities are open to the public, because religious services are regularly held at these locations. On 08/07/2007, TGS ceased making phone calls to verify information about religious locations. Therefore, most entities in this dataset were verified using alternative reference sources such as topographic maps, parcel maps, various sources of imagery, and internet research. The [CONTHOW] (contact how) value for these entities has been set to "ALT REF". The website was used for verification during processing. As of August 2009, this website is no longer active. Records with "-DOD" appended to the end of the [NAME] value are located on a military base, as defined by the Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI) military installations and military range boundaries. "#" and "*" characters were automatically removed from standard fields that TGS populated. Double spaces were replaced by single spaces in these same fields. Text fields in this dataset have been set to all upper case to facilitate consistent database engine search results. All diacritics (e.g., the German umlaut or the Spanish tilde) have been replaced with their closest equivalent English character to facilitate use with database systems that may not support diacritics. The currentness of this dataset is indicated by the [CONTDATE] field. Based upon the values in this field, the oldest record dates from 07/20/2007 and the newest record dates from 08/04/2009
New Hampshire, NH, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and North America
point, society, location, Places of worship, Religion, and Church
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