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McGregor 000003039 - 1747 (1852) - A survey of the Northern Neck of Virginia, being the lands belonging to the Rt. Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron Cameron, bounded by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between the rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack: With the courses of the rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack, in Virginia, as surveyed according to order in the years 1736 & 1737.

* Credit: Area Table 755-2 1747 Warner 1852 * Published: London : Litho. Photographic Inst. 492, New Oxford Street, [ca. 1852] * Stephenson and McKee attribute the 1747 (larger) issue map to John Warner. * Relief shown pictorially. * Date of publication from Swem. * SPECIAL COLLECTIONS. Generally soiled; linen backed.
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